FY22 Community Grant Update 

On May 27, 2021 the Montgomery County Council approved the County‚Äôs FY22 operating budget, including Community Grants.  This action capped the FY22 Community Grants process.  County Council Mid-Year and Final Reports are NOT required for FY21 Community Grants and will not be collected through this platform.  Grantees should work with their Department Contract Monitors to outline their reporting requirements for their grant.

The full Council resolution can be found on the County Council website. Each of the NDA: Community Grant, Cost-Sharing/Capital Grants, and Community Grants that moved into base budgets can be found in Section G starting on page 38 of the pdf by clicking the bolded text below.  

Resolution # 19-872: Approval of and Appropriation for the FY 2022 Operating Budget of the Montgomery County Government


For easier reference, you can view the full list of Community Grants, Capital/Cost-Sharing Grants, and Community Services Grants in the pdf by clicking the bolded text below.  

FY22 Approved NDA: Community Grants (Community, Capital/Cost Sharing, and Community Services Grants)

FY21 Community Grants that moved into the base budgets of departments are not easily identifiable in Section G and are listed in the pdf by clicking the bolded text below.  .

FY22 Approved Community Grants Shifting to Department Base Budgets 

If you have any questions please contact Rafael Pumarejo Murphy at Rafael.murphy@montgomerycountymd.gov or 240-777-2775.


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